5 Tips to Make your E-learning a Success

5 Tips to Make your E-learning a Success

We need to develop efficient and engaging courses to stay ahead and here is an info-graphic to help.

Firstly, we need to give a good start to the course. Introducing the course with icebreakers or adding an animated character or avatars grabs the learners’ attention. Adding the content and presenting it in an interactive manner also helps to make the course engaging.

Proper chunking of data or content is another significant step towards making the eLearning course successful. Improper chunking leaves the learner confused and creates many unanswered questions in the learners’ minds. Organizing the content properly, in a systematic way, is the key to success.

Evaluating the learners’ knowledge, by adding interesting assessments, goes a long way in making the course exciting. Presenting the content in a conversational tone is another aspect discussed in this infographic. Creating a context and presenting the content in a form of a story also helps to keep the learner engaged and makes the course effective.

5 Tips to Make your ELearning a Success

So, I am sure that with these tips, many instructional designers can create successful eLearning courses.

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