E-learning Design Strategy for Global Audience

E-learning Design Strategy for Global Audience

E-learning Design Strategy for Global Audience

One of our clients wanted us to develop a compliance course for different regions on the same topic. But, the laws to be complied differed form one region to the other. He also wanted the course should be compatible with the iPad.

After analyzing the requirements from the client, we came up with an eLearning design strategy that allows the learner to access information about the region he wants. Thus, there was no need to create a course for each region. Are you wondering how we could accomplish this task? Then, read on.


We created a slide, which had a world map and flags of different countries, as shown below. When the learner clicks a particular flag, he can view the slides pertaining to that country. After completing these slides, they will “come back” to the slide containing the map. If he wishes to access information pertaining to another country, he can view it. Otherwise, he can move forward.


We developed the course using Articulate Storyline. This is because Articulate Storyline can be used to make your eLearning courses interactive and HTML5 compatible, in quick time. Developers can easily create interactive learning components without programming. Storyline allows you to publish courses to Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player, a native iOS application that is used to access courses on iPads. You can get HTML5 output, which works well on mobile devices. This eLearning strategy saved us lot of time and money.

Hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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