E-learning Instructional Strategies for Performance Management Training

E-learning Instructional Strategies for Performance Management Training

It is undeniable that the performance of the employees affects the productivity of the organization. To improve the employee performance, every organization has a Performance Management System which ensures that the organizations’ goals are met in an effective manner.

One step an organization can take to improve the employee’s performance is by training them on the skills they need to accomplish the tasks.

E-learning could be an effective way to train and impart knowledge to the learners. Here are three instructional strategies that help you develop effective performance management training.

1. Scenarios

Scenarios resemble the real life situations, where a learner can relate himself with the situation. In performance management process, a manager has to set goals, review the progress of the employees and provide them with necessary feedback and coaching. He even has to give a clear picture to his employees about their roles and responsibilities. Scenarios could be an effective way to explain such things. Here is a screen shot of a scenario, wherein a manager is explaining the role to his employee.


2. Simulations

As we know, performance management has now become a tool-based or system-based process. Organizations are now implementing major software such as SAP, Oracle Manager, etc. So how do you train your managers and employees on these software? Simulations are the best solution to train learners on the usage of these software applications. They provide opportunities to engage learners as they get to learn in an interactive environment that is similar to real time.


3. Process Tables

In an eLearning course Process tables or Flow diagrams can be used to teach processes or how things work. In any performance management process, we have the performance management lifecycle to show goal setting, mid-year reviews, year-end reviews and merit decisions. This life cycle can be presented in a digestible way using process tables.

Process Tables

These three instructional strategies go a long way in helping you develop effective and interesting performance management courses. Do share if you have more to add to the list.