How the Wrong E-learning Vendor Affects Training ROI

How Your Training ROI Can Take a Beating Due to the Wrong E-learning Solutions Provider

How the Wrong E-learning Vendor Affects Training ROI

Developing an eLearning course is an extensive process. It requires a great amount of technical knowledge, combined with subject matter expertise. E-learning developers are required to use a plethora of authoring tools and work with Learning Management Systems to fulfill the requirements of clients. Needless to say, eLearning development requires considerable skill and experience. Thus, not everyone can undertake it, but rest assured everyone will charge a fortune for it.

Below are some of the problems that may arise due to a wrong eLearning solutions provider:

  • A poorly designed eLearning course may not be using proper instructional design techniques. Such a course will not be able to engage learners effectively, causing a lower transfer of knowledge. This reduces the potency of course, straining your ROI.
  • E-learning courses should fully utilize the visual potential of the digital medium by extensively using elements such as video, animations, and infographics. A wrong eLearning solutions provider might not fully utilize the strength of this medium, giving you a mediocre course.
  • It’s very easy for learners to lose interest in the course. Unlike ILT courses, there are not many ways in which you can tell if a person’s attention is captured by an eLearning course. E-learning vendors need to take care of small things like giving learners navigation control or keeping the page easily readable and many such factors to maintain learner interest throughout the course.
  • Good feedback and assessment techniques generate useful insights about the course, which are invaluable in refining it to the point of perfection. When developers fail to create strong feedback and assessment techniques, continuous improvement of your course is halted. Your course doesn’t reach its potential, reducing value for money.
  • Creating custom courses is highly desirable for global organizations. The wrong service provider might not be able to give you the desired level of customization that might be essential for your employees for better comprehension of content.

All of this means that your training is not reaching its desired potential and thus not having its desired impact on skill development. The rate of growth of a company is directly proportional to the skills of its employees. So, a poorly developed course not only puts a dent in your bank balance, but also reduces the company’s profitability. Poor training programs can also increase the attrition rate of your employees, as they often get frustrated with stagnant skills.

Plus, developing an eLearning course takes time, and realizing that it is not working for your learners, takes even more time. Hence, after you assign course development to a vendor, it will be only after quite sometime that you will come to know about its shortcomings. Not only money, but time also gets wasted. Due to all these factors, the ROI of your training program takes a severe beating.

Choosing the right eLearning solution provider is very crucial for the success of your training program. So, before you lock in on your eLearning vendor, you need to do an inside-out due diligence, from the point of view of your requirements and budget. This one decision is the foundation on which the entire program rests.

As eLearning is a lucrative business, new players keep emerging every now and then. Checking a vendor’s experience is the first line of defense you have against incorrect choices. You should also see if eLearning development forms the core business of your vendor. You shouldn’t settle for being a secondary customer when you have the option of becoming a primary one. Checking the qualification and expertise of the team members who are going to handle your development is also very essential. Be sure to connect with past clients to know about their experience and get a firsthand idea of the vendor’s capabilities by looking at the past work.

All-in-all, ask yourself and the potential vendor smart questions to take the correct decision. The first step to anything is the most important one, so make sure you put your right foot forward. The people you work with are going to define your eLearning course and most possibly your company.

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