What E-learning Solutions Do a Banking Organization Look for? Part-I

What E-learning Solutions Do a Banking Organization Look for? Part-I

What E-learning Solutions Do a Banking Organization Look for? Part-I

Innovations in IT over the last 15 years have dramatically altered the banking landscape. Banking organizations need to adapt itself to the rapid changing world of technologies. Every single day, they have to think of ways of how to serve customers in a better way. Banks need to improve its products portfolio but having great products on its kitty will not do. It is also important to observe whether the frontline managers are capable enough to sell these products to the customers. Thus, here we need to think of innovative solutions for these banking professionals.

What is the typical training needs do Banks need? 

There are many such areas where a typical banking organization needs training solutions. They are enumerated as follows:

  1. Compliance Training
  2. Soft skills Training
  3. Sales Training
  4. Application Software Training
  5. Process Training
  6. Induction Training

1. Compliance Training 

Compliance training is very important for any banking organization. Banks need to comply with laws of all the regulatory bodies (both national and international). Even the employees need to be aware of the guidelines they have to abide by.

WhatE-learning Strategy Should we Think for a Compliance Training? 

For compliance based course; where the main challenge is the content. Legal content is pretty annoying as they are too vast with bunch statutory laws and sections. So, the learner has to go through every single screen of the content and therefore they tend to give up somewhere in the middle. Therefore, to complete the learning process, we need to think of developing an engaging e-learning course where we can take the help of case studies and scenarios. There are certain instances where compliance training needs to meet the training demands of its global customers. Translating a compliance course into multiple languages is a common customer requirement. To meet all these, tools such as Storyline and Lectora are best suitable to develop a complete e-learning solution for a specific customer.

2. Soft skills Training

In this industry, soft skills are very important. As they have to interact directly with the customer, so the employees should not only be equipped with right product knowledge but also the etiquette of how to serve a customer.Thisetiquette includes, communication skills be it with telephone or face-to-face etc., listening skills, right enthusiasm and energy and so on.

What E-learning Strategy Should we Think for a Soft SkillsTraining?

Of all the e-learning strategy involved, scenarios are the best choice to teach a learner about soft-skills. Scenarios enable to the learner to practice in a safe environment. In Articulate Storyline we have many such default templates that can be used to develop an appropriate scenario or you can customize it according to client’s requirements.

Soft skills Training

3. Sales Training 

Sales is an important vertical for any organization. Thus, organizations have to roll out sales training program that acts as a refresher for sales staff. They need an e-learning training program that addresses the need through knowledge of the market and its respective customer requirement.The details of the product and what value addition has it to its customer base. 

What E-learning Strategy Should we Think for a Sales Training? 

We have a bunch of authoring tools (Flash, Storyline, and Lectora) to develop an e-learning solution for Sales training.The same is the case of interactivities where we can use hotspots for explaining the parts of a product, info graphics (graphics) the current market and which product the customers prefer the most.

Sales Training

To summarize, e-learning has a lot to do to provide appropriate banking solutions.It has become easier to teach a banking professional on the grounds of compliance, soft skills, and sales training through e-learning.

Hope this blog is informative to you. In the next part, I will share how e-learning address to the training needs of the remaining three i.e., Application Software Training, Process Training, and Induction Training.

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