E-learning Solutions for Software Applications

E-learning Solutions for Software Applications

Did you ever pore over manuals of MS office applications to learn how to use MS Word, MS Excel or PowerPoint? Most of us just got on to the computer, and started learning while using the software. At the most, we would have consulted the HELP file that normally comes with the software. But we all know that we might be using only a fraction of the features provided by the software applications.

Train your staff to use software applications quickly

Organizations need to constantly train their staff on the use of their customized software solutions. They simply can’t afford to allow their employees to fend for themselves by browsing through the help files. E-learning provides a multitude of options for organizations to train their employees on their internal customized software applications. We have done courses for our customers to train their staff on using their upgraded supply chain management software, and sales management software. They were unanimous in their feedback that it was the most effective method to train a large group of people within a short duration of time.

Using ‘watch, try, do’ method for software applications training

Elearning makes software applications training interesting, as theory (to the extent required) can be intelligently weaved into the module within the context and relevance of demonstrating a software application. Simulated screen capturing software enables users to watch the working of the software with users getting a step by step demo on using the software. Not only that, they can try using the software in a simulated environment, and do tests to reinforce one’s understanding of its functioning. That way, they are better prepared to handle the software on the job.

You may still have players who had conducted classroom training for different software applications. However, in the light of recent technological developments, if an organization needs to train a large group of people simultaneously on its internal software applications, the best possible option is definitely online training or eLearning.

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