E-learning in Safety Training: A Successful Case Study

E-learning in Safety Training: A Successful Case Study

E-learning in Safety Training: A Successful Case Study

ELearning is a process of delivering the content using the digital technologies. It helps the learner to learn the subject efficiently, interactively and achieving the objectives of safety training.

This case study (source:nursingtimes.net) describes how an online learning course improved the knowledge of nurses, in the field of infection prevention and control.

The outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) exposed infection control gaps in global healthcare systems of Toronto, Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Activities like hand washing are best activities to control infection. The Healthcare Commission reported that 11 out of 51 trusts did not comply with standards for hand washing and antibacterial hand rubs.

Another difficulty factor is making health and safety training programs accessible to large numbers of staff, when there are limited IPC experts available to provide training. The ideal solution for this can be providing courses that are interactive, readily accessible and support Just in time learning.

To promote competency and access to training, an e-learning project on Infection Prevention Control (IPC) was launched. The Partners involved are educational institutions, hospitals, a Canadian provincial government health ministry and the Community Hospital Infection Control Association of Canada (CHICA).

This online course focused on the three main modules: Hand Hygiene, Routine Practices and the Chain of Transmission.This training course was learner centric and learners accessed it at their time of convenience. The duration of each module was about 20-30 minutes.

The percentage of participants enrolled for the course:

Case Study Statistics

The conclusion illustrates that the e-learning is Effective in training nurses on Safety Training, as it helped in learning and refreshing their Knowledge on Infection Prevention Control (IPC).

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