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Checklist for Documentation of eLearning Requirements

Checklist for Documentation of eLearning Requirements

Working on an eLearning program is a daunting task, irrespective of the size of the organization. We have worked on a variety of eLearning projects, each with their unique set of challenges.

This being the case, it is always good to have a checklist in place, so as to maximize the success of your eLearning program. Checklists can make your job a whole lot easier. Using them ensures that you cover the major items, so as to avoid bigger problems down the road, especially in eLearning, where there are so many details to take into consideration.

This is simple checklist for the smooth execution of an eLearning course, that covers the major details. The idea of creating this checklist is for you to focus on creating eLearning courses that resonate with your training goals.

Simple Checklist

If you think there’s something important that I have missed, please drop a comment in the comment box and list will be updated.

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