Can E-learning be a Savior for Companies Attempting to Reduce Skills Gap?

Can E-learning be a Savior for Companies Attempting to Reduce Skills Gap?

Can E-learning be a Savior for Companies Attempting to Reduce Skills Gap?

Companies might face a serious skills shortage in the next 12 to 24 months. According to a report by Accenture, 2013, about 46% of the companies who were interviewed shared that their companies may not have the requisite skills needed in the next 1-2 years. In the same report, a whopping majority (about 86%) agreed that this skills gap puts existing employees under lot of stress. So, what can companies do about this?

Companies need to train their employees so that they get updated on the skills and knowledge needed by the organization. This naturally is easier said than done. However, more and more organizations are exploring online options to close the skills gap.

  • One of them is the National Skills Academy for Health in the United Kingdom that is providing a range of courses online for health professionals so that they can upgrade their knowledge and skills.
  • Another project that is focused on reducing workplace skills gaps is Alison Project (Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online) that is providing free online courses targeting individuals who wish to improve vocational skills. This learning portal has won UNESCO’s award recently.

So, why are these organizations looking for online solutions to redress the problem of skills gap?

Traditional learning format was not designed to cater to the work, where skills depreciate easily or become irrelevant. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations explore new learning methodologies and framework to bridge workplace skills gap. In short, they need to reorient training to suit current demands.

E-learning or online learning is surely one way that will enable employers to train their employees quickly by providing them with knowledge right when they require it. It is therefore, not surprising that both governments and private service providers are exploring online solutions for quick and effective training. E-learning can therefore be a savoir for companies attempting to reduce skills gap.

How does your organization cope with the ever increasing demand of skilled manpower? Do share your thoughts and experiences.

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