How Equipped Are You For Quality E-learning Courses?

How Equipped Are You For Quality E-learning Courses?

Quality of eLearning courses cannot be achieved in isolation. Both client and the eLearning company should understand the quality metrics of e-Learning courses. Here is a list of skill set and capabilities we need in the eLearning teams in order to develop a quality eLearning course.

Here are some of the expectations from client who wish to develop an eLearning course.

Client TeamExpectations
Project Sponsor
  • Knowledge on how eLearning can achieve business goals
Project Owner
  • Understand the benefits and pain points of eLearning
  • Selecting eLearning over classroom to save time and cost of training
Training Manager
  • Clear expectation on learning outcomes
  • Clarity of learner group
  • Marketing e-Learning in an organization
  • Evaluation of eLearning effectiveness
Subject Matter Expert
  • Understand his role in eLearning development process
  • Willing to invest time in initial discussions and reviews
  • Computer and internet savvy
  • Motivated to learn in eLearning environment

On the other hand, Elearning Company should have these skills set in order to develop a quality product.

Elearning Vendor TeamExpectations
Project Manager
  • Define mutual course expectations
  • Manage the project within the time, cost and scope defined
Learning Designers
  • Understand adult learning principles, learners profile and learning outcome.
  • Skilled on learning centric approach to instructional design
  • Knowledge of content types and strategies for each type
Courseware Developers
  • Understand detailed storyboards and be able to develop them
Quality Assurance Team
  • Understands all stakeholders expectations
  • Based on expectations, preparing checklist for Learning Design and Development teams.
  • Do quality control before submitting the course
Technology Team
  • Understand the client side technical expectations (like SCORM, Browsers etc) and constraints (bandwidth) if any.

Quality is the differential edge and need to be groomed and nurtured. It is a never ending continuous improvement.