Top Quality that an E-learning Project Manager Should Have!

Top Quality that an E-learning Project Manager Should Have!

Top Quality that an E-learning Project Manager Should Have!

The most important quality that an eLearning Project Manager should have is to understand the client requirement and suggest a suitable solution. In suggesting a suitable solution, educating the clients is the most important thing. Here, I would like to share with you my experience, which can tell you about understanding the client requirement and suggesting the right solution by educating them.

Client Requirement:

One of our clients came up with the requirement that they want all the critical information such as safety measures, health practices, contact information about particular people like doctors and cab drivers at a single point where all the employees of that organization can access through their smartphones.

My Approach:

We understood the client requirement of training his employees regularly on safety measures and health practices and provide access to the information about doctors and cab drivers to them, so they should not get into any trouble to get the information about the cabs or routes.

We suggested to them that we can develop an app that can be installed in any model of smartphones or tablets. But the client was unable to understand the solution; so in the process we tried to educate him about mobile apps, types of apps and how they are used.

There are 3 types of apps:

  1. Native apps:
  2. These are apps that can be downloaded and can be used offline.
    The main disadvantage is that if there is any update in the content the user needs to download and install the entire app again.
    For example: Camera app , Message app

  3. Web apps:
  4. These are not really apps; they are like websites.
    These work using the Internet .
    For ex: Facebook app

  5. Hybrid apps:
  6. These are a mix of native and web apps.
    These can work both offline and online.
    For ex: Whats App.

After explaining about apps and communicating with the client, we understood that the content will be updated frequently. So we suggested that they go in for Hybrid app because

  • if we use Native app for any update in the content we need to develop the app again and the users need to download and reinstall it again. Also, it would incur additional cost.
  • if we use web app it is a compulsion to have an Internet connection.

If we use hybrid app for any updates the user need not download and reinstall again; it gets automatically updated. Any updates can be received when he connects to the net. Moreover, this type of app is accessible to users even without an Internet connection and the development cost is also lower when compared to Native apps.

In this way we not only understood the client requirement but also suggested to them the perfect solution along with educating them about the apps. Please do share your thoughts.

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