5 Secrets to E-learning Project Management Success!

5 Secrets to E-learning Project Management Success!

5 Secrets to E-learning Project Management Success!

Hi everyone, I am back with one more interesting blog. Here, I would like to share the 5 secrets I follow in order to make our clients happy. These secrets can be followed globally for any type of eLearning project management.

Find below the secrets I follow.

1. Understand Stakeholders’ Expectations: Before we start any new project, we should make sure that we go through the project inputs thoroughly and ask as many meaningful questions as possible in order to understand the stakeholder’s expectations. It is always better to start the project only after getting a clear understanding of the project requirements; set the project expectations by informing the client in advance about what would be covered in the project and what would be not. For this, a prototype of the product plays a major role in setting the project expectations.

2. Know the Number of Stakeholders Involved Before You Start a Project: It is important that you know all the possible stakeholders involved in the project life cycle. This can make the review and approval cycle faster and easier.

3. Have Consistent, Crisp and Crystal-Clear Communications: Once you are aware of the stakeholders involved in the project, maintain consistent and crystal-clear communication with them by sharing the project deliverables through weekly status reports and issue logs. Make sure you maintain the communication records like sending and recording the minutes of the meeting whenever you have a conference call with the project stakeholders.

4. Set Upfront Project Deliverables: We follow agile methodology for deliverables where we involve key stakeholders to review the smaller components of each deliverables of the project to make sure it meets with their expectations. In this way, we can keep the customers informed about the status throughout the development and review cycle. The feedback that we receive on the deliverables should be positively addressed before the next set of deliverables is sent for the stakeholder’s approval.

5. Set a Stage for the Review and Approval Cycle: Most of the stakeholders whom I worked with are not aware of the eLearning development cycle. It is important for a project manager to make sure that you educate the reviewers about the development process and deliverables. If time permits, it is always better to arrange a conference call after sending the project deliverables. This helps the client to go through the courses and provide feedback, which can be documented by the project team.

These are some secrets of project management to satisfy your customers. Please do share your thoughts on the same.

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