12 Do’s and Don’ts of E-learning Project Management

12 Do’s and Don’ts of E-learning Project Management

Project management is unique and plays a very important role, the success of the eLearning projects starts and ends with the project management and has a large area of responsibility. It is the field of process, planning, communication, monitoring, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.

Let us see some do’s and don’ts in the project management.

ProcessDepending on the nature of work set up your processes to deliver the eLearning project with less risk, more predictable and to reuse it.Do not set up the eLearning processes just for the sake of having it.
Always be ready to improve your

processes, to make it better in order to manage.

Do not set up a process without knowing its purpose and benefits of using it.
PlanningAlways have a detailed project plan.Don’t take planning for granted. Any missing step may lead to cost overrun.
Get approval on the project plan from the stakeholders and the internal team before freezing it.Don’t start executing the project without planning for it.
CommunicationFrequently communicate right information depending on the stakeholder you are dealing with.Do not hide any information which has to be shared with the stakeholders.
MonitoringPerform continuous monitoring of your eLearning project progress in terms of schedule, cost, resource, quality aspects.Do not invite the team for meetings without informing them in advance.
Schedule regular review conversation with project delivery team.Do not schedule meeting to find out the project status.
Risk ManagementIdentify and plan for the risk in the initiation stage.Risk management is not a onetime task, there has to be frequent reviews.
Resource PlanningDo a meticulous resource planning.Don’t make hectic plan, have some buffer time as there may be chances of things going wrong.
Find out which resource will be working on what task.Don’t allocate the resources to cut down the cost; this will affect the cost and timelines.
Team’s Work EnvironmentRecognize, appreciate and reward the team for their excellent work publicly.Do not point out or criticize the team if anything goes wrong.
Always know the team’s opinion and suggestions to make them realize that you are listening to them.Don’t neglect the team’s concerns or ideas. If you feel they are not effective, tell them what else can be added.

These are the do’s and don’ts of effectively managing an eLearning project. If I missed any important point please do share.

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