3 Basic Components of E-learning Project Management

3 Basic Components of E-learning Project Management

3 Basic Components of E-learning Project Management

Every eLearning organization is a project-based organization. They will be working for multiple clients on various eLearning course development projects. When coming to the needs of the client, each and every client has his own requirement. In fact, each project is different with its own set of unique requirements. To satisfy our clients and to maintain a long-term relationship, it is very important that these projects are managed efficiently and effectively. Thus, the need for project management for eLearning course development becomes crucial.

Here are three basic components of Project Management in eLearning.

1. Understanding Customer and Project Requirements:

As per my experience I always think that an extra bit of knowledge about a client can always help you in maintaining good relationship with the client and generate good business. We need to understand the client first, then the stakeholders and then the project.

  • Understanding the client involves the products and services offered by the client, and the training needs of the client.
  • Understanding the stakeholder involves knowing his/her designation, role in the project and his/her influence on the project.
  • Understanding the project, as a Project Manager he/she should have complete knowledge of the project so that he/she can direct the project team towards satisfying the client’s requirement.

2. Understanding the Timeframe and Scope

  • To find out the timeframe you need to have a clear understanding on the type of content that needs to be developed into a courseware, so that you can estimate the approximate development time and communicate this information to the client.
  • Finalize the scope with your client. The project scope document involves project objectives, requirements, assumptions, constraints, estimated risk and estimated budget.

3. Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

It involves the eLearning team, team dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

  • The eLearning team consists of clients, vendors and internal team members.
  • Team dynamics is the combination of the underlying forces that work in a team among group members or between individuals in the team.
  • Interpersonal relationship among team members in a project helps them to put their best ability and also support other team members when required.

These are the three things you need to follow in managing your eLearning projects successfully. Have anything to say? Please do share!

Here is an overview of the project management process followed at CommLab India.

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