Challenges of eLearning Project Management

Challenges of eLearning Project Management

Challenges of eLearning Project Management

“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them towards a certain goal.” – Walt Disney

When a project is assigned to you, there will be many challenges to complete it on time, with satisfactory quality and acceptable output to Clients. Let’s look out the three major challenges of eLearning project management.

1. Understanding Client

Each and every one of your clients and projects is unique. However, there are certain things that you will need to know, or understand about your client, in order to produce your best output for them.

Understanding your client needs will be easier, if you look at things from the client’s perspective.

Begin with, Why are we doing this project? Check out who is the customer for this project. By getting the perspective and expectations of the customers, you can draft an initial understanding of the goals of the project, leading to what the end product will look like.

Have frequent interaction, as you can understand your client requirements better by interacting with them and providing them a chance to give feedback by using online surveys etc.

Understanding Client

2. Understanding the Internal Team

Once you understood your client, the next major challenge is to determine who should be on your team and all the functional teams that need to be involved in the project.

With your understanding of the project’s objectives, communicate to the functional team managers what you and the project stakeholders have been asked to do-they have to see why they should allocate number of resources to a new effort!

Project management focuses on roles and responsibilities. As the project manager, recognizing and understanding how your team operates can help turn any team into a high performing team.

The four fundamentals of high performing teams include trust, respect, conflict resolution, and shared purpose. These are some of the soft project management skills that can help any team feel more engaged and on board with any given project. These fundamentals will be further explored by learning what drives and motivates your team, as well as how your team operates.

Understanding the Internal Team

3. Communication

Communication plays a huge role in the success of a project. Better communication planning and setting the right expectations with all the project stakeholders is extremely important.

A project manager should exercise overall:

  1. Team building for the project team members and stakeholders, as to facilitate better communication.
  2. Provide some important rules during the initiation phase of the project and at significant times such as in execution of complete project.

There are four basic things for effective communication skills as shown below:


Projects are set in a highly complex and challenging environment. Efficient projects require the best of technical and people skills from project managers, a supportive organizational structure, teams which can perform with a minimum of conflict, consideration of risks and clearly defined criteria of success.

Thanks for reading my blog! I invite to share your key challenges of elearning project management.

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