Using eLearning for Business Processes Training in Organizations

Using eLearning for Business Processes Training in Organizations

There are many types of business processes in any organization and they can vary depending on the industry. Defining business processes and training employees about them is very important for the following reasons:

  • To standardize operations so that there is less ambiguity about the procedures or operations that are carried out.
  • It helps in maintaining control on the quality and standard of either the goods produced or services rendered. It becomes particularly important when an organization has its operations spread across diverse geographical regions.

Take the example of a multinational company that has its manufacturing operations all over the world. Over the years it has developed, tried and tested processes in one unit and when it needs to diversify to different regions, instead of re-developing processes afresh, it is easier to provide training on the already developed systems and procedures to the staff at the new unit. Typically, process training aims at improving the knowledge and skills of employees with respect to a process.

Benefits of eLearning for process training:

eLearning offers the following specific benefits to organizations that need to provide process training to their employees.

  • Cost-effective: Once an eLearning course is developed on a given business process, it can be used not only by current employees but also future employees. In fact, if the course is uploaded onto the LMS, employees can access the course with a click of a mouse at a time that is convenient to them. No travel expenses or organizing expenses are needed for the purpose.
  • Consistent quality: Once an eLearning course is designed, developed and approved by the L&D manager or any other competent authority, the same course is deployed across all your offices which means that each of your employee will receive the same high quality course, with none of the variations that can happen in classroom training.
  • Better instructional strategy: A business process can best be explained through graphics and animations which is possible in eLearning courses. This helps learners to retain information better.

It makes a lot of business sense to switch to eLearning for your business process training needs. In our subsequent blogs, we will see how eLearning can benefit specific business processes in organizations.

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