8 E-learning Presentations that Every Training Manager Should View

8 E-learning Presentations that Every Training Manager Should View

8 E-learning Presentations that Every Training Manager Should View

It’s important for all professionals to improve their knowledge and skills and training managers are no exception. Organizations want to hire training managers who have good knowledge of the latest trends in the L&D world and can act as strategic advisors.

It is common knowledge that imparting training in an engaging manner is challenging. Training managers need to constantly update their knowledge of learning technologies to deliver the best experiences to their learners.

The SlideShare is a treasure-trove of learning resources. But if you’re short on time, we’ve done the homework for you and handpicked 8 presentations which are very popular with the corporate training community.

Here they are:
1. Importance of Training Need Analysis

It is well-known that competent workforce is vital to the success of modern organizations. So, training managers need to think creatively to enhance competencies. Get a step-by-step guide on how to perform a comprehensive analysis to identify specific training gaps.

2. Presentation on Role of Humor in Training – CommLab India

Training managers are constantly trying to figure out ways to ‘create a bond’ between training programs and learners. CommLab India has created a presentation to reveal the secret of making learning an enjoyable experience.

3. Benefits of Training When Streamlining Operations

We all know that streamlining of operations plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of business organizations. In the SlideShare presentation, we’ve explained how to streamline operations effectively.

4. Using an LMS to Evaluate Training

Every training manager wants to track their training programs. This presentation explains how an LMS can be used to evaluate training in an effective manner. Even if you came across this presentation before, it’s worth revisiting.

5. Presentation on Need of e-Learning in Organizations – CommLab India

This is a must read for all training managers who are new to eLearning and have many concerns about adopting it. We love this topic so much that we even wrote an eBook about it.

6. Cost-Effective Training to Avoid Non-Compliance Penalties

Okay, may be your knowledge about compliance training isn’t that bad, but this presentation has some useful takeaways. It explains how organizations can ensure their employees receive mandatory training in a cost-effective manner.

7. Imparting Excellent Training to Your Gen-Y Workforce

When you develop a course, you want to ensure all generations of learners to take the course. But, how can you ensure that it appeals to your young learners? Don’t worry. This presentation provides all the information you need to develop an engaging course for the Gen-Y.

8. Most Widely Rolled Out Training Programs Through eLearning

Need inspiration to deliver training through eLearning for the first time in your organization? Make sure you flip through this presentation. It lists the training programs that are mostly delivered through eLearning.

Did you come across any other presentations that have helped you in your job? Do share them.

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