Key Areas Where E-learning Benefits Pharmaceutical Companies

Why E-learning Works Best For Product Training In The Pharma Industry

Key Areas Where E-learning Benefits Pharmaceutical Companies

E-learning as a means of training employees, has grown significantly in the past decade. Many progressive Pharma companies have incorporated new technologies for training their employees. E-learning, is an attractive training option for the industry, because it is scalable and can reach out to a large number of employees within a short duration. It is also cost-effective, as it significantly reduces travel costs.

Here are some ways how e-learning can benefit the Pharmaceutical industry:

Training a Mobile Sales Force

A sales representative of a pharma company spends considerable time on field. The information and knowledge that he receives during the induction program can be reinforced through eLearning. Useful information and key updates can be accessed, by him without compromising on his on-field time. It provides organizations a cost-effective solution to meet the need for continuous learning of their workforce. In fact The Wall Street Journal sometime back reported that many Pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Medtronic, Boston Scientific Group have given iPads to their sales people “to spruce up their pitch to doctors”.

Compliance or Regulatory Training

Pharma is a highly regulated industry, where every process and procedure needs to conform to accepted industry standards. Training employees, on the mandatory compliance programs, becomes easier when it can be done online. Whether it is a code of conduct training program, regulatory compliance, or safety training, it can be easily delivered online. Even when these courses are a part of classroom training program, it is a good idea to have them online for easy access and future reference. Moreover, this would be an excellent refresher, or a reinforcement strategy.

Customer Training

Organizations such as Abbott Laboratories started “Abbott Nutrition and Health Institute”, where online courses and resources are available for the benefit of general public, end users or their products and specialists. Some other organizations might need to train their customers on using equipment, product safety information or guidelines to administering drugs. Reaching out to them through online media is more effective.

E-learning can provide cost-effective training options for pharmaceutical companies for key areas like sales force training, compliance training or customer training. Check out this case study on how one of the pharmaceutical companies has used eLearning to train their workforce.

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