E-learning and Outsourcing – A Free Guide

E-learning and Outsourcing - A Free Guide

E-learning and Outsourcing - A Free Guide

It is well know that eLearning is cost effective approach to train employees. Organizations could choose to develop in-house or to rely on third party eLearning vendors to develop online courses. Companies tend to outsource for various reasons such as the lack of in house expertise, cost advantage compared to in-house development and more.

Irrespective of the reasons behind the choosing of outsourcing, if it is suitable to a particular company and if done correctly, it can be beneficial to the organizations as it increases the chances of getting the work done from highly skilled instructional designers for a comparatively lesser cost.

So how do you determine if your organization should outsource the e-learning course development or not? If outsourcing is more beneficial to an organization than the in house development, how does that organization choose the right outsourcing partner? To answer these kind of questions and more check out the eBook E-learning Outsourcing which covers the following

  • Lessons from manufacturing and IT sectors
  • How to select the right outsourcing partner? What are the factors that need to be considered?
  • Outsourcing e-learning to India – popular outsourcing destination
  • What are the costs, concerns and counter measures involved in e-learning and outsourcing?

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