E-learning Outsourcing – Free E-book

E-learning Outsourcing – Free E-book

E-learning Outsourcing – Free eBook

Outsourcing or offshoring, as it was known initially, implied an act of getting an item developed from an outside supplier instead of using internal resources – the rationale being reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Godfrey Parking, President of MindRise, urges that we learn from e-business when considering eLearning outsourcing. According to him, eLearning is just a thread in the process of internet adoption that is taking place within organizations.

  • Organizations initially hosted a company website where they put their annual report.
  • As people wanted to learn more about the organization, they included products and services. Subsequently, companies facilitated purchasing of products online.
  • Systems for online customer-service, supply chain management and a whole gamut of e-business solutions took shape.

All these activities do not form the core of the company’s business. The main activities are directly related to the value that the organization brings to its customers. Therefore, it became important for organizations to outsource some of these activities so that they can focus on their main activities.

E-learning also is one of those activities that does not form the core competencies of most organizations – hence the need to outsource. However there are no guidelines or parameters that can help organizations decide what to outsource, to whom to outsource and when to outsource. Therefore, CommLab has compiled a comprehensive guide to enable companies to take rights decisions, when it comes to outsourcing their eLearning requirements. Click on the link below to download the free eBook with no obligation.

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