Approaches to Create an E-Learning Course on Crisis Management

Approaches to Create an E-Learning Course on Crisis Management

Approaches to Create an E-Learning Course on Crisis Management

Organizations may not avoid all the crisis situations that happen in an organization. But yes, they can train employees on the immediate actions that need to be taken in the event of a crisis situation. Recently, one of our clients approached us to develop a course on crisis management; that is, when a crisis occurs in an organization, how should this incident be filed and to whom should this incident be reported? Earlier, they would simply send an email about the incident and be done with it. But, the objective of this course was to train the employees about a tool that was used to document any incident that may happen in the organization.


In this blog, I would like to explain the approaches that we used to develop this corporate training course.

Used a Guided Learning approach:

First, we introduced a senior manager in that organization as a trainer. This manager guides the trainees throughout the course, orienting them on the purpose and benefits of crisis management and the steps to file when a crisis incident happens.

Used a Guided Learning approach

Created a Maze Game as an Icebreaker:

For a manager to be eligible to file a crisis incident, he should be aware of some guidelines. So, we used a maze game and asked questions related to these guidelines at the beginning of the course.

Take a look at the screenshot below which is taken from the course.

Created a Maze Game as an Icebreaker

Created a Video:

To make the trainees aware of the incidents that can occur in an organization, we created a video. For this, we asked the client to share a couple of incidents so that we could weave them in the course. The client shared with us certain real situations that occurred in their sites, which helped us create a video. To have more impact, we used real images in the video.

Created Webex Environment:

To add more value to the guided-learning approach, we came up with a Webex environment. The reason for us to choose the webex environment is that the organization no longer conducts classroom training; all the training there happens through a webex session. In this manner, trainees can have a high level of emotional connection with the course.

Have a look at the screenshot below, which gives you a clear idea of the environment used.

Created Webex Environment

These were a few approaches that we used to develop the course on crisis management. Please do share your views on it.

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