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E-learning Mistakes You Are Making With Kinesthetic Learner – An Infographic

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The learning styles in eLearning can be classified into visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

This info-graphic delves into a few common mistakes, which can be avoided in order to develop an effective, engaging, and learner-centric eLearning course.

Having all or most of the content on the screen confuses the learner and makes the screen look cluttered. By presenting the important points on the screen or using a bulleted list, you can make the screen look “cleaner” and also enhance the ability of the learners to retain the knowledge.. Developing the content in a systematic manner is another important aspect. Mistakes or misspelt words or confusing instructions should be avoided. Inclusion of effective interactivities in a course plays a significant role in the development of a good course. Choosing the right interactivities helps the learner to think and retain the course content.

In addition, the info graphic also looks into the problems arising out of improper use of audio. The audio used in the course should correlate with the content, enhancing the learning experience. The inclusion of quizzes, puzzles, and game-based simulations in your course gives immense satisfaction to kinesthetic learner and goes a long way in keeping them glued to the course.

E-learning  Mistakes You Are Making With Kinesthetic Learner – An Infographic

With all these suggestions, there is no stopping you from making an effective.

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