E-learning: Areas Where Awareness has to be Created Among Customers

E-learning: Areas Where Awareness has to be Created Among Customers

E-learning: Areas Where Awareness has to be Created Among

eLearning: Areas where awareness has to be created among customers

Customers always have many misconceptions when it comes to eLearning. As a Project Manager dealing with more than 150 eLearning stakeholders who want eLearning, I get the opportunity to talk to different people from different domains and industries.

All have a common requirement “eLearning”. Although the requirement is the same, they all have different definitions to what it means. Very recently, I met some of our customers in Zurich and identified that the most common misconceptions they carry are:

Misconception 1: eLearning is a tool or software

As of most of the stakeholders are experts in their domain, unfortunately they are very far from technology or eLearning. They think eLearning is a software tool that sits on their intranet.

Misconception 2: eLearning is simply publishing their ILT Presentations for LMS

Some of them are of the wrong view that their classroom presentation can just be directly published by using any authoring tool like Adobe Presenter and host it on the LMS and eLearning is ready.

Misconception 3: eLearning is a video with interactivities

Some think that eLearning is a great presentation with multimedia – audio, video and music. It is more an advanced tool of presentation. A self-running video, where the learner just watches what is happening on screen and learns.

Burst the Myth: Here is a good presentation on what is eLearning?

Misconception 4: eLearning development includes only a multimedia developer

Most of the SMEs who specialize in training think that their training material can be given directly to an authoring tool expert and a good course can be developed. They don’t seem to understand that a team of instructional designers, visual designers, tool experts and LMS experts is needed to create a good eLearning course.

Burst the Myth:

E-learning players and their roles

Misconception 5: eLearning can be developed in a couple of weeks or days

Some customers say, “Here is the presentation, can you develop an eLearning course in a week’s time?” Well, we can but it will be just publishing the presentation using a tool which is not really eLearning. I train our customers about the development process and they then understand that it is not a day’s or week’s effort.

Burst the Myth: Here is a good webinar on the eLearning process and players

Misconception 6: There are only one or two tools (which they might have heard or read) to develop an eLearning


Most stakeholders are not aware of the latest tools and technologies in eLearning. As a Project manager, we have to educate them on the latest tools.

Burst the Myth: Nowadays, we have a good range of effective tools that are good in design, easy to understand and easy to create. Some of the best tools I recommend are Storyline, Captivate and Lectora. For smaller, quick conversions, I also think ISpring has good features.

After understanding these myths, I strongly felt that nurturing customers is a crucial part of our project’s success. Almost 99% of our customers’ primary job in their organization is NOT to get an eLearning developed. For the success of an eLearning project, we should educate eLearning stakeholders and SMEs on the following:

  • What is eLearning is and what it is not
  • What is the role of SMEs in the entire development process
  • What are the tools used to develop eLearning
  • What are the major trends in eLearning design
  • How can they save money and time with eLearning
  • What trainings can go into eLearning

eLearning 101: A comprehensive guide for stakeholders.

These are some of the commong misconceptions people have,  do you have anything more to share

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