How Does E-learning Help Minimize Training Expenditure

How Does E-learning Help Minimize Training Expenditure

How Does E-learning Help Minimize Training Expenditure

Training is an ongoing process and goes a long way in improving the skills of the workforce, resulting in increased productivity.

According to the State of the Industry Report, organizations spent $1,208 per employee in 2013, on an average, and this figure is very likely to increase. This means that companies are willing to invest heavily in training and development activities. Hence, it is important that they get the best ROI on training.

Using the online training medium, organizations can impart top-notch training in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Let us see how.

A course once developed can be used to train multiple learners

One of the biggest advantages of eLearning is that you can create an online course once and use it to train as many learners as you want. Learners can access the course, anytime, anywhere. They can take the course as many times as they want to refresh their knowledge, in a very cost-effective manner.

The online training medium course helps train learners with varied levels of knowledge

Some learners many be more knowledgeable than others. Hence, all of them don’t need to be trained on basic aspects. With eLearning, we can create one course with multiple paths that can assist all learners (both novice and experienced). The learners who want to take the training at an advanced level can be given an opportunity to skip the fundamentals. Thus, we can reduce additional costs incurred on multiple sessions.

The training expenditure can be reduced through synchronous online training methods

If you find the need for an instructor during the training, then you can arrange a video conference where the instructor can interact directly with your learners when they take the eLearning course and clarify their doubts. This eliminates the need for the instructor to travel and saves precious training dollars.

The possibility of revising and translating courses to extend their reach

You can always update, modify and redesign existing online courses. These courses can be translated into multiple languages, so that they reach global audiences. Furthermore, the consistent can be ensured in the quality of instruction, as the online training medium is instructor-independent. You can also reduce the costs incurred on the travel and accommodation of trainers and participants, considerably, by adopting eLearning.

So, this is how you can reduce your training costs. Please do share if you have anything to add to this list.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2015 and has appeared in Learning Technology category whereas now it is updated in Learning Design category.

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