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Strategies for the Maturity Stage of Marketing eLearning

Written By Vega Bhutani

Strategies for the Maturity Stage of Marketing eLearning

Each of the stages in the PLC has its own opportunities and challenges with regard to its marketing strategy and the potential for success. By viewing eLearning against the PLC framework, we can decide on what marketing strategies are appropriate at which stage of its Product Life Cycle.

In earlier posts, we looked at a few strategies for the introduction and growth stages. Today, we will look at the strategies for maturity stage.

  • Provide various delivery options for eLearning content. Self paced courses, virtual training, chats etc.
  • Highlight benefits of each mode of delivery
  • Offer courseware all across the company
  • Announce new courses by mail
  • Highlight benefits through newsletters
  • Use webinars to promote eLearning.
  • Conduct and publish interviews of the individuals who have successfully completed the eLearning courses and applied this learning in their jobs.
  • Continue to offer certifications. Advertise them in-house using various internal communications.
  • Give external publicity where possible – post news about the upcoming launch out there.

Thus, by identifying the stage that a eLearning is in, or may be headed, companies can formulate the best marketing plans.

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