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9 Strategies for Marketing eLearning to Employees

Written By Shalini Merugu

9 Strategies for Marketing eLearning to Employees

Organizations invest in eLearning courses for their employees. However, only highly self-driven employees will take the initiative to learn more and register for these courses. And, if organizations would like their employees to register for the courses, they need to first ensure that their employees hear about them and understand how it is beneficial for them. Therefore, organizations need to have a definite strategy to ensure that employees not only hear and understand about the available eLearning programs but are also motivated to register for them.

Here are a few strategies that serve as guidelines for training managers to implement a successful eLearning program within their organization.

  • 1. Enlist the help of eLearning champions: eLearning champions are agents of change who can help organizations adopt e-learning. They act as catalysts for change and can motivate others to use eLearning by providing encouragement and support. They need to be someone well respected by all the employees or a superior who can exercise influence over his team members.
  • 2. Learning portals: Most organizations have an intranet on which there is a training and development corner where there are announcements about training activities. This platform can be used to introduce new courses or by posting a few learner responses to motivate others to take the courses. You can also host video trailers with highlights of the course. Employees visit the intranet quite regularly, especially if their intranet also hosts automated processes such as leave management and so on. It is bound to attract their attention.
  • 3. Certifications: Introducing a certificate for courses is a powerful promotional activity for getting employee buy-in. Introduction of internal certificates results in a dramatic shift in the perception of the value of training occurs. You could also introduce co-signed certifications by recognized professional bodies. Another way to motivate employees is to tie up certifications to performance appraisals and career goals.
  • 4. Write-ups on the company website: Devote space on your company’s website to showcase and highlight new courses being rolled out. You could also include some testimonials of employees who have already taken the course wherein they state how the course has helped them in their job.
  • 5. Poster campaigns: Well-designed poster campaigns can attract employees, build up anticipation and act as bait for the final event.
  • 6. Video from CEO/ key stakeholders: Another way to create a powerful motivational impact is to play a video from the CEO or key stakeholders on the benefits of taking a particular program. This is a personal selling strategy that ensures a high emotional connect as employees tend to pay attention to a message that comes from important people within the organization.
  • 7. Email campaigns and social media: Launching eLearning is a newsworthy item. You can make immediate use of your existing means of internal communication by sending email campaigns and introduce it through Social Media as well. This dramatically increases the reach of your marketing message. Post announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn groups, and tweets about interesting courses and their unique benefits.
  • 8. Introduce gifts or rewards: Most employees and departments can be motivated to take up eLearning by rewarding themwith a memento or a certificate or by giving them some incentives like additional vacation days or added appreciation in their performance appraisal.
  • 9. Celebrate success publicly: Celebrating the success of one department or an individual publicly will motivate others to follow suit and enroll for the eLearning courses.

eLearning is like any other product and needs to be properly marketed for wider acceptance. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to organize a sound communication, promotional and marketing campaign within the organization, in order to make an eLearning initiative a success.

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