Why market eLearning?

Why market eLearning?

Why market eLearning?

The first challenge is “Why market eLearning?” Surely, if I think it’s so good, it should sell by itself. Don’t you agree with me? Not really. You need to market eLearning in your organization for the employees to take up eLearning because:

  • You have made considerable investment in this initiative and it needs to yield results
  • You need to induce your learners to try your product
  • You need your eLearning initiative to take off!
  • Besides, you need to demonstrate ROI to executive management and for that adoption of eLearning matters
  • A sure way to kill the initiative is by Not marketing it

The bottom-line: If you consider eLearning as a product, YOU MUST MARKET IT.

An important consideration when considering your marketing effort is the marketing budget. Budgets get allotted for all other aspects of training such as travel, instructors, designing and developing eLearning programs etc. But budgets for advertising and promoting eLearning usually get overlooked. Factor for this requirement right at the beginning.

So, have you considered the budget for marketing eLearning in your organization to the employees?

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