Integrating E-learning into Classroom Training

Integrating E-learning into Classroom Training

Do you wish to train your geographically dispersed workforce through eLearning? Do you want to reduce the expenditure incurred on travel of your staffers to attend training sessions and save time, using e-Learning? Do you want your learners to retain the effectiveness of Instructor-led Training (ILT)? Do you wish to incorporate the benefits of eLearning and classroom training? Then here are four ways to integrate e-Learning into classroom training.

E-learning for Pre-classroom Training:

E-learning can be used to deliver pre-classroom training, where the learner can acquire basic knowledge of the subject before they participate in the classroom training session. This makes it easy for him to understand the subject better in the classroom. For example, elearning course can be provided to give an overview on the machines or equipments. Once the learner is aware of the basic features of the equipment he can then be provided indepth knowledge on it through ILT.

E-learning to Reinforce the Training:

Often, it not possible to retain effectively what is learnt in a classroom over a period of time. This problem can be overcome, using eLearning. An online course can be assigned to the learner at regular intervals to reinforce the learning. For example, a 10-15mins small bites of elearning can be used to reinforce knowledge on the productswhich could assist sales people before dealing with the clients.

E-learning to Assess Learners Knowledge:

A good way to assess the learner’s knowledge after he completes the classroom training is by conducting an online assessment. E-Learning allows you to track his performance as well.

E-learning as a Support System:

Certain job-aids or supporting material can be provided to learners online which can be accessed by them anywhere and at any time. This helps them reinforce the information and allows them to perform the tasks easily. For example, job-aids related to safety training or product training can be provided which can help them perform their day to day tasks easily.

E-learning is cost effective and can reach a wide range of people. E-learning and ILT have their own advantages and dis-advantages. E-Learning may not replace classroom training but the the online training medium can complement classroom training. A blend of these two can work wonders and give very effective results.

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