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Scenario based E-learning for Data Security Training [Infographic]

Scenario based E-learning for Data Security Training [Infographic]

Information security training involves educating employees on what they should do and what they should not when handling company data in the course of their jobs. Educating employees about rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts in a way that is engaging can be very challenging. How can you develop an instructional strategy that makes data security training less boring and engaging to employees?

The ideal strategy for trainings such as data security is a scenario based approach. Scenarios play a vital role in turning dull boring concepts into lively discussions or thought provoking subjects.

Creating scenarios that revolve around essential topics such as how to ensure data is secure, what measures to take when using portable drives, and how to handle sensitive information help learners to understand the relevance of the subject in the context of their jobs and will help them retain the information longer.

Here is an infographic that visually represents the benefits of scenario based learning for data security training.

Scenario based E-learning for Data Security Training [Infographic]

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