E-learning: Helping Telecommunication Companies Impart Training Better

E-learning: Helping Telecommunication Companies Impart Training Better

E-learning: Helping Telecommunication Companies Impart Training Better

It is common knowledge that the telecommunications industry is one of the vibrant sectors of the economy. According to a report by Infonetics Research, telecom operators globally generated approximately $2 trillion in revenues in 2013. Developments in this industry act as catalysts to the growth of knowledge economy, and training plays a vital role in the success of companies in this sector. So, how can telecommunications companies impart first-rate training? Well, eLearning is the perfect solution to meet the learning needs of companies in this business driven by high technology. Let us see why.

E-learning helps impart training quickly to cope up with short product life cycles

The telecom industry is extremely volatile and characterized by fierce competition. To survive in this dynamic environment, organizations are coming up with new products very frequently, resulting in short development and product life cycles. There is a pressing need to train the staff members of these organizations, effectively at low cost.

E-learning is the right training format to meet this need. Online courses can be developed very fast at affordable costs, thanks to the advent of rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, etc. Today, it is possible to develop a 60 minute digital training module in just 2 to 3 weeks

Online courses enable organizations deal with high rates of employee attrition

It is well-known that labor turnover of telecommunications companies is very high. It results in the necessity to conduct training programs frequently to equip new personnel with the required knowledge and skills.

This need can be satisfied effectively, using the online training medium. You need to develop a digital course only once and can use it any number of times, eliminating the need to hire an instructor repeatedly, saving precious training dollars. Furthermore, unlike classroom training sessions, eLearning courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This prevents logistical issues associated with frequent conduct of training programs.

Digital courses can be used to train members of the extended enterprise effectively

Providing good training to the members of the extended enterprise plays a critical role in the success of organizations in the telecommunications sector. Companies in this industry rely heavily on their dealers to provide their services. So, it becomes imperative that these trade partners are trained well on the products offered by the firms. Companies also find it necessary to impart effective training to customers as new products are released into the markets at feverish pace, and knowledge on these offerings is necessary to use them efficiently. The advent of globalization has made the task of delivering extended enterprise training complicated as companies now need to cater to the needs of learners who are globally dispersed and speak different languages.

The learning needs of the extended enterprises of telecommunication companies can be ably met through online courses. E-learning can be used to provide excellent training to customers and employees of trade partners through eBooks, videos and webinars which can be accessed whenever and wherever they want, effectively breaking the geographical barriers. Digital courses can also be translated quickly and easily, making it possible to deliver training in the native languages of learners.

Thus, we see that eLearning helps organizations in the telecommunications sector impart training effectively in an efficient manner. Hope you find this blog interesting. Do share your views.

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