E-learning for Telecommunication Industry

E-learning for Telecommunication Industry

E-learning for Telecommunication Industry

The telecom industry has witnessed exponential growth in the past decade. The presence of an increasing number of smart-phones in the market and better availability of high speed internet connectivity make the telecom industry a vibrant sector of the economy.But, this fast technological change and the volatility within the industry need quick solutions to such complex problems.

Thus, with growth, the telecom industry is also susceptible to challenges. It has to make sure that its employees are well-versed in the use of the latest technology available in the market.

What Are the Training Solutions Needed by This Industry?

The training solutions can be categorized into:

  • Product and Technical support
  • Sales support
  • Compliance
  • Leadership and Management

Does E-learning make sense in this industry? 

The first answer should be “Yes, it makes sense”. Let’s see how.

  • With employees spread across the globe, eLearning helps to reach and meet each of their training requirements.
  • New employees can be ‘raised up to a competent level’ easily with eLearning courses, which they can take at the comfortable time.

 Often, content has to be updated to suit the changing market conditions and technologies. This can be done easily with eLearning, without making major changes in the delivery mechanism. Thus, it saves valuable time and money for the organization. 

What Is the Impact of E-learning on This Industry?

The telecom industry comprises of workforce from various verticals having different educational and socio-economic backgrounds. E-learning must address training requirements of these different learner profiles.

Sales personnel, who spend a better part of their day outside the office premises and have limited access to computer, can be trained through mobile devices. An interactive, bite-sized learning solution can be used to help them understand telecom technologies to sell the product better to the consumer.

Technical persons, who are more comfortable dealing with software, can be trained through simulations. These simulations give them the option to practice and master the software with ease.

Call-center personnel, who focus mainly on solving customers’ problems, can be equipped with the needed knowledge and skills using eLearning courses containing scenarios. Scenarios are the ideal tools to teach them how to handle different customer objections and provide quick solutions.

For managers, who need to understand the nitty gritty about corporate affairs, eLearning courses with case-studies are crucial to understand the concepts in detail.

Thus, a simple eLearning course has a lot more to offer to the telecom industry.

To summarize, with ever-increasing technological developments, the time has come to implement eLearning to meet the training requirements of the telecom industry.

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