Pharmaceutical Industry: Why do they Need E-learning Solutions?

Pharmaceutical Industry: Why do they Need e-Learning Solutions?

Pharmaceutical Industry: Why do they Need e-Learning Solutions? The pharmaceutical industry today faces lots of challenges from the market. If I try to list those challenges, they can be listed as follows.

  1. Dynamic nature of the market: Getting new drugs into the market.
  2. Competing with other players: Survive in the race when there are many other competitors.
  3. Effective pricing of products: There are other players in the market who are ready to deliver a product at a much lesser price.
  4. High ethics: Regulatory agencies are very aware and cautious about keeping their intellectual property rights in safe hands.
  5. Information to physicians: This is one area where we have to market the product. Make the doctors aware about your product line.
  6. Content enhancement: Content management is another very important thing. Every now and then, you need to upgrade the content as per the marketing needs. 

So, if we consider each of these challenges as obstacles – then how can we provide effective solutions to them? It is very interesting to know how eLearning solves these problems.


E-learning to meet the demands of market dynamism 

People working in clinical research are exposed to eLearning. With eLearning courses and certification, they are well aware of the standardization of procedures and how to comply with the various international and national regulatory bodies. Thus, with all this knowledge, they can do better research to bring new drugs into the market. Moreover, with beautiful, engaging and animated courses, we can demonstrate a particular phenomenon of drug development. Thus, these interactive courses help refresh and reinforce the knowledge of the learners.

E-learning to sustain in the ethical market

E-learning needs to sustain in the ethical market. A company might get sued if it is discovered that they have violated some of the patented rights of another organization. Here, eLearning can help by giving all the requisite knowledge on regulatory norms and compliance issues. Employees can understand when a patent infringement really occurs.

Here, I am sharing a small case study on patent infringement.

A Washington court ruled against Illumina ($ILMN) in a patent lawsuit Thursday, finding that the sequencing giant infringed on Syntrix Biosystems’ intellectual property and ordering the company to pay out $96 million in damages. The suit covers Illumina’s BeadChip array, used in DNA and RNA analysis, which the court deemed to have infringed on Syntrix’s similar technology. The $96 million figure is based on a royalty rate of 6% of BeadChip sales from 2005 to 2012. Illumina maintains that it did nothing wrong, however, and the company plans to file post-trial motions in an effort to vacate the court’s decision. (Source: FierceBiotech)

E-learning enables sales professional to sell the product in the market 

Today’s market is already flooded with lots of other competent players who are aggressive enough to sell any product. Therefore, to survive in this market, you need very good marketing skills and the knowhow to sell a product. We can reap the rich dividends from eLearning by training the sales professional on product features and benefits.

Thus, with eLearning, we can find solutions for all the challenges and pave beautiful solutions for each of them. The pharmaceutical workforce should be better equipped with all these facilities of eLearning. What do you think?

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has appeared in Learning Technology category whereas now it is updated in Learning Design category.

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