Elearning in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

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eLearning in healthcare

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry has emerged as one of the largest service sectors in the economy of most nations. This industry needs training practices to guide employees on a continuous basis. As it is a dynamic industry, if it gives training to all the employees with content that very soon becomes outdated, this industry would not be effectively fulfilling the new and ever changing training needs of the employees. This industry must prepare for the future even as it accommodates the present.

Therefore many companies in the industry have adopted training practices taking into consideration the new training needs. What are the training requirements that have brought about changes in the way training is being conducted in this industry? What are the training delivery methods of top fortune 500 Healthcare and Pharma companies? Which training method best fulfills the needs and provides an ideal training solution for this industry?

CommLab India has brought out an eBook titled; “Elearning in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry” which provides answers to these questions and documents some of the current training methods adopted by leading companies in the health and pharmaceutical sector. The eBook explores the training requirements and training challenges faced by the industry. It goes on to document different types of training delivery methods adopted by the industry. Readers will also learn how the new training trends bring about a change in training perspective in Healthcare and Pharma industry, with examples from some of leading healthcare and Pharma industries.

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