Is e-learning Really Applicable in Banking?

Is e-learning Really Applicable in Banking?

Is e-learning really applicable in Banking?

Do you think e-learning serves the Banking sector?

The banking industry is an important sector that is growing competitive in the current business scenario. Leads of the bank are now intent to revamp the present resources to those that can meet the challenges from competition. The major challenge for banks is to train the employees in a different way, which develops the strength of the organization to withstand the competition in future. The three key factors in choosing the right training method are:

  • Person’s Ability: Large number of people, languages and cultures exist all over the world. In the banking sector, a timely acceptance of learning is needed, which plays a major role. Some employees are capable of easily understanding the concepts and principles of training while others find it more difficult to do so, so training should be given according to their level of understanding. Employees will be from different regions and here there is a need to make them aware of the process and learning, in an active manner.
  • Organizational Vision: The main point here is that it promotes a class and group of learning, which enhances the organization as a whole. For this individual learning is very essential. of the aim is gaining something out of training, than just reading it.
  • Technology Boundaries: Depending on approach, cost and flexibility the training method is chosen.

Whatever the factors maybe of the above three points, development is the main aim of training.

I read a paper on “Enhancing IT skills of banking employees through e-learning technology”. Its main focus is to show the ways of improving employee skills and their critical thinking. We will know how to involve employees using e-learning principles. We come across an architecture, which shows the levels and different kinds of facilities, through which an employee can work.

Organizations are now implementing e-learning method to train employees.

Let’s see in what way e-learning assist’s banking sector to achieve the goals.


  • Main goal of banks is to serve the customers better. The information regarding the essentials of the product, need to be taught to the sales persons in time. This process can be made easy through e-learning, a method where the sales persons can get the information immediately.
  • For tracking compliance, banks use e-learning and learning management system software that support e-training.
  • E-learning enables you to easily adapt the content and transfer to the learner, which could be done at any time and from anywhere. This is the main benefit of using this method in the banking sector.
  • During active production, the learning approach is a very important factor to be considered. Training should be given in terms of daily basis, so that learners develop their skills to the professional extent. In order to achieve the required objectives, we use e-learning to train employees.
  • The administrative qualities of the bankers can be developed and improved. This helps them improve their communication skills and interact with clients effectively. They are given enough scope to apply the concepts they have gained on a daily basis.
  • Using e-learning, banks can setup a single platform where the members can learn and justify training for changing content.

Understanding the benefits of implementing eLearning, it is not surprising that the Banking sector is increasingly favoring this method for their training purposes.

Do you agree? What are the benefits of eLearning in the Banking sector have you experienced, do share with us.

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  • Richard Robbins

    ELearning has its place in banking, just as it does in most industries. The problem is in helping the learner understand its purpose. When eLearning is a prerequisite to attending a live workshop the goal is to be able to attend the workshop and most, and I do mean most, participants simply cheat and pass the eLearning. When their Manager presents the same eLearning as the method of how the learner is going to gain product knowledge there is a different goal- and eLearning can be effective.

    ELearning is a very effective for covering compliance issues. The bank can prove that they made an effort to have the employees know regulations.

    Boils down to what we face regularly- what is the follow up back on the job?

  • Venu Gopal

    good edition medam ………very nice blog