The State of E-learning in Australia

The State of E-learning in Australia

The State of E-learning in Australia

Curious to know about the state of e-learning in Australia? I have been reading some research reports and magazines on this subject. I also interviewed our learning consultant in Australia, Dr. Mary Bochan. Through research I have discovered some interesting facts about the status of e-learning in Australia. Through this blog, I share my observations.

E-learning on the Rise

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the e-learning market is expected to be valued at $5 billion by the end of 2015. Many small business units are taking advantage of e-learning to boost up the skills of their employees to improve production rate, and also to increase knowledge retention.

Demand and Drivers for E-learning

According to a report by the Canadian Trade commission services, the rise in broadband Internet usage, greater acceptance of multimedia technologies, and the support from the government are the driving forces behind e-learning adoption. Also, Australia is blessed with strong content and program developers to support e-learning. 

Blended learning 

Blended learning is increasingly popular in Australia. It is a mix of two different training delivery methods—the traditional and online learning formats to create a comprehensive learning experience. According to a report on ‘Blending Learning’ published by the Victorian Government, blended learning is effective in terms of learning outcomes; also, students and instructors rated it high in terms of satisfaction.

Industry Adoption

Looks like the Australian mining industry is benefitting a lot from e-learning courses. Earlier, employees were forced to travel to a central training location, or the trainers would fly from one side of Australia to the other. But now, the mining companies have started using e-learning to provide online training even before the miners enter the site. Government organizations in Australia are the highest consumers of e-learning, since they are ones who first ventured into the e-learning arena. It is also not surprising to know that the agriculture industry in Australia is using e-learning. Coming to the role of e-learning in the banking industry, after working with many of our clients in the banking sector, we realized that they have highly proficient learning design teams in place and have been producing a good number of e-learning courses.

Compliance Training Takes the Lead

Compliance training occupies a major share of the Australian e-learning market, as the country is home to several mining, construction, building materials and energy companies. Many registered training organizations (RTOs) in Australia offer catalogue courses on compliance training.

Moodle the King

There is a huge demand for LMS in Australia, and Moodle is quite popular here. After all, Australia is its birthplace and one will find it to be highly cost effective since it’s an open source software.

In my opinion, the e-learning market in Australia is still in its infancy and it is going to be the biggest market next to the United States in the coming years.

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