E-learning – The Ideal Medium to Train the Mining Workforce

E-learning - The Ideal Medium to Train the Mining Workforce

E-learning - The Ideal Medium to Train the Mining Workforce

The mining industry plays a key role in the Australian economy. According to a report published by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Government of Victoria, in 2013, mineral and energy commodities account for 60% of the nation’s total exports.

People play a vital role in this important sector of the economy, and it is essential that the staff members of mining organizations are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. But, how can the personnel of mining companies be trained efficiently in a cost-effective manner? Well, eLearning can be used to deliver top-notch online training to employees of mining firms. Let us see how.

Impart thorough knowledge on safety norms and procedures

The mining industry accords the highest priority to the safety of its workforce. Accidents and other untoward incidents at the workplace can prove costly for companies. Organizations need to pay huge sums as compensation and their reputation is tarnished. So, how can firms ensure the safety of their personnel? Well, good training on safety norms and their importance can reduce mishaps at work considerably.

The online medium is the ideal format to train the staff of mining organizations on safety. Bite-sized eLearning courses can be used to explain safety concepts and videos and animations can be used to demonstrate safety procedures. For instance, animations can be used to demonstrate the procedure to prevent and suppress respirable dust.

Provide comprehensive training on regulatory norms and applicable laws

The mining sector is arguably the most heavily regulated industry in the Australian economy. Companies could land in serious trouble, if applicable statutes and norms are violated. Therefore, it is important to train their people on relevant laws and standards effectively.

The online training medium can be used to meet this requirement very effectively. You could incorporate a wide variety of instructional techniques in eLearning courses. For instance, you could use scenarios and case-studies to explain the miners’ rights, very effectively.

E-learning can also be used to make training on regulatory standards interesting and fun-filled by the use of games. For example, employees of a mining organization can be equipped with the norms specified by the International Labor Organization (ILO). A ‘trekking game’ can be used to assess the knowledge of the personnel on standards related to the working conditions in opencast mines. In this game, the learner is asked 20 questions and after he answers a question correctly, an avatar moves closer to the summit. And, when he gets the answer wrong, the avatar remains where it is and a message “Oops! Not quite right” is displayed on the screen.

Deliver excellent training on environmental sustainability

It is common knowledge that mining activities have a profound impact on the environment, and several companies in the country are seeking to conduct their operations in an eco-friendly manner.

Good training goes a long way in ensuring that the businesses of mining organizations are environmental-friendly. Employees who understand the importance of protecting the environment will better appreciate the companies’ efforts to stay green.

Bite-sized online courses containing videos are ideal tools to highlight the need to conserve the environment. Life cycle diagrams help provide an excellent overview of different processes with their steps, while info-graphics could be used to explain topics in an engaging manner. Slideshows, flip-cards and hotspots enable correct understanding of different concepts. Games and animations help make the training lively.

Train the workforce on the usage of machinery very effectively

The mining industry uses a wide variety of equipment. It is very important that the personnel of mining companies are equipped with the skills to handle this machinery effectively, to enhance efficiency in operations.

This training need can be met in a cost-effective manner by formulating the right blend of learning methodologies. For instance, workers can be trained on complex equipment used to mine uranium through a blended learning program. Classroom sessions and workshops can be used to train on the underlying concepts and handling of the equipment. Then, eLearning modules containing simulations can be offered to the trainees, to practice the steps in handling the machinery, and bite-sized sessions act as ready references to the concepts learnt before the employees get down to work .

Top-notch safety and compliance training can be imparted to the staff of mining companies, online. Highly effective training can be delivered on environmental sustainability and machinery through eLearning courses. Indeed, the online medium is the best format to train the mining workforce. What do you think?

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