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Hurdles and Difficulties in Achieving Business Results through eLearning

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Hurdles and Difficulties in Achieving Business Results through eLearning

As with any other initiative, eLearning has its share of hurdles and challenges. Listed here are some hurdles faced by learners, practitioners, and stakeholders.

For learners:

  • It is difficult to implement eLearning if not self-driven
  • Bad experience with eLearning in the past – where it promised too much and delivered too little – results in a credibility problem, learner avoidance, and bored learners

For learning practitioners:

  • The main challenge is to create a culture of eLearning
  • Trying to get stakeholder buy in on utility value
  • Time consuming development
  • Insufficient funding for eLearning development

For stakeholders:

  • The challenge is that high-quality, well designed eLearning requires time and money
  • There are too many options out there and decision-making is difficult.

A carefully thought-out strategy should address all of the above issues – it’s the only way to overcome the challenges of eLearning.

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