5 GUI Features to Improve Learning

E-Learning: 5 GUI Features to Improve Learning

E-Learning: 5 GUI Features to Improve Learning

We cannot include all information on a subject in an e-learning course, as it may become text-heavy and lengthy. But we can handle this by adding some useful features to the e-learning. E-learning can include only the essential information of the subject and can teach any subject in an effective manner, but it is more effective if you can give additional information by using some features along with the e-learning.

So I would like to share those important features that can help learners to refer and gain more knowledge on the subject.

  1. Resources: It is not possible to include every information possible within an e-learning course to teach learners. We can include all required information in the main course. All the extra information can be presented in the form of PDFs, videos, and Internet links. These will help the learner gain expertize in the subject. Information can be saved offline and referred to whenever there is a need. By this way we can ensure retention of information. 
  2. Glossary: Learners may not be able to understand some difficult terminologies and abbreviations. So the glossary will provide the description of the abbreviations and information on difficult terminologies used throughout the e-learning. This will help learners to understand terms better and improve their learning. 
  3. Handouts: Handouts are very useful for learners; it includes complete e-learning content in a PDF/Word format, which learners can save/print them for reference. It includes onscreen text and the narration text of the complete e-learning course, which learners can access offline whenever they want (24/7). 
  4. My Notes: This feature will help learners to write important notes on each slide and they can save these notes within the e-learning. At the end of the e-learning, they can save it as a Word document or PDF, which can be accessed by the learners whenever they want. These notes can also be printed.
  5. Case studies: This feature will help leaners to understand the real-time situation. It provides individual stories and real-time examples to help learners understand the subject better. 

By using these features, we can improve the learning experience of employees and make them experts on the subject. Hope you find this blog informative! Please do share your thoughts on this.

In addition to these, there are other navigational features such as, menu bar, progress bar, audio on/off, bookmarking and so on that enhances the ease of the learners to pursue a course successfully. I will share information on these navigational features in detail in my next blog.

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