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Strategies for the Growth Stage of Marketing eLearning

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Strategies for the Growth Stage of Marketing eLearning

In continuation of the series of blog posts on selling eLearning in your organization, we will look at the second stage of a Product Life Cycle (PLC). This is the growth stage and is the period of rapid revenue growth. The cost gets reduced and sales revenues increase as people get increasingly aware of the product. In the context of the eLearning PLC, advertising should be increased to get brand preferences. Now let us look at a few strategies for the growth stage in the context of promotional activities for eLearning:

  • Provide a slightly less basic course. Give the learners a feel of slightly higher end courseware that is more interactive.
  • Roll out eLearning to selected high-impact groups.
  • Launch presentations at every location.
  • Have learners view a static announcement page on login.
  • Announce through screensavers.
  • Include information about the upcoming launch in regular newsletters.
  • Use the ‘What’s new’ corner on your company intranet.
  • Conduct road shows and interactive workshops.
  • Publish the highlights on one or a series of courses in a short article.
  • Use your internal meetings as a platform to expose learners to various kinds of eLearning.
  • Get competitions going. These are always popular, especially inter-department ones – and generate the required buzz.
  • Certificates are another powerful technique to get employee buy-in. When there is a “certificate of completion” offered for eLearning programs, more people are likely to go through them and complete these on their own. Besides, people love displaying their accomplishments.

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