Using E-learning for Various Types of Trainings

Using E-learning for Various Types of Trainings

E-learning offers a diverse range of options to make online courses engaging and learner-friendly. Given any subject, eLearning can present it in the most appropriate manner to your target audience. So, whether you need product training, process training, orientation for your new hires, or any other program, eLearning is the right platform for you to develop courses which are in vogue with the latest industry standards.

Using E-learning for Various Types of Training

In this blog, I will explain in brief how the power of eLearning can be leveraged to develop engaging courses which meet the needs of both your target audience and your organization in the three areas of:

  1. Product Training
  2. Process Training
  3. New Employee Orientation

1. Product Training

Product Training

E-learning is a great medium to introduce your new products to your clients/customers/sales personnel. There are several ways to project your product and get the message across.

  • Hotspots 

    If you want your audience to become familiar with the components of your product, using hotspots is a sure shot way to achieve it.

    Every component can have a hotspot, which when clicked will reveal its title and a short description.

  • Flip cards

    Flip cards are an excellent way to present contrasting viewpoints such as the ‘advantages and disadvantages’, ‘dos and don’ts’, comparisons with competing products, etc.

  • Mnemonics

    If you want your sales personnel to remember the important features of each target group, distinguishing features, etc., mnemonics can be a great tool. They aid memory retention and recall.

  • Resources

    E-learning courses make it possible to provide resources and job-aids such as glossary, PDFs, links to more information and so on. These can be printed out or saved by learners for further reference.

2. Process Training

Process Training

Want to train your employees on new processes? E-learning offers exciting ways to turn this tedious exercise into a great learning experience. Let’s learn how.

  • Slideshow

    Slideshow is a great way to present sequential processes. It helps present the content along with appropriate images and ensures that learners don’t miss or overlook any steps.

  • Videos

    Lengthy or mandatory processes can be made lively by including videos such as the process manager or HR representative talking about the benefits of the new process. They can also include testimonials of people who have benefitted from the new process.

  • Avatars/ Scenario-based approach

    Avatars/ characters can take learners through the process.

    A scenario-based approach can also be used wherein the learners are introduced to a situation highlighting the loopholes/ problems with the existing process and the new process can be introduced as a solution.

3. New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation

Introducing new employees to the company policies, rules, or infrastructure can be quite a daunting task. But, eLearning has easy methods to help accomplish this.

  • Explore and Learn

    This feature is bound to excite your learners and ensure their complete participation in the course. You can provide the image of your office premises wherein learners can click each area, enter into it, click the constituent components/facilities and learn what each area corresponds to.

    You can even include the option of clicking on the images of your CEO or senior management members, so that new hires can hear their welcome message.

  • Quiz-based approach

    This is yet another method to orient new hires with your policies. You can ask a series of questions on each topic, and teach them through detailed feedback.

  • Game-based approach

    This is an interesting way to help new employees familiarize themselves with the company. Each segment of learning can be presented in the form of games such as treasure hunts, hidden object scenes, at the end of which learners earn souvenirs, mementos, and even actual certificates!!!

I hope this blog has given you a basic idea of the various ways eLearning can help develop engaging, learner-friendly courses to cater to a wide range of subjects and target audience. Keep in mind your budget and technological constraints and go ahead and select your preferred method.
Happy eLearning!!!

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