E-learning for Better Training to Sales People of Pharmaceutical Firms

E-learning for Better Training to Sales People of Pharmaceutical Firms

How can the efficiency of sales people in the pharmaceutical industry be improved? What does it take to impart highly effective training for these staff members whose jobs involve extensive travel? Well, eLearning is the ideal solution to meet the learning needs of the salespersons of drug manufacturing companies. Let us see how.

One time investment

This is arguably the most important advantage of using eLearning to train the sales personnel of pharmaceutical companies. Organizations need to invest just once and the online course can be used as many times as they want. The need to hire an instructor multiple times is eliminated. For an industry that spends a billion dollars on training its sales force (Source: Merck Capital Ventures), online training comes as a boon as it helps impart training at considerably lower cost.

Easy to update content

It is well-known that pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. Companies release several new drugs into the market, every year, and this makes it necessary to impart training on the features of these new products to their sales people. Online courses can be updated very easily and rapidly, enabling companies to minimize the time-gap between the launch of the medicine and training to the sales staff.

Logistical nightmares can be averted

In today’s business environment, many pharmaceutical companies are expanding their operations overseas and this has resulted in the need to train multinational sales forces spread across different geographies and time-zones. Imparting continuous training to these people in a classroom is next to impossible. E-learning is the perfect solution to overcome the logistical problems involved in training thousands of sales people in quick time, efficiently and cost-effectively.

No obstruction to work

The online training medium facilitates effective training of the sales forces of pharmaceutical firms without disrupting their work as the courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere. E-learning allows Sales personnel to draw convenient learning schedules. The elimination of disruptions to work, due to training, results in huge savings. Consider this scenario.

The average annual cost of employing a sales rep is USD 160,000 (Source: Merck Capital Ventures). This translates to approximately USD 438 per day. At this rate, if 2 workdays are lost in training 10,000 sales people of a pharmaceutical giant, the loss would be a whopping USD 4.38 million dollars.

Enhanced efficiency

Effective use of the online training medium goes a long way in improving the efficiency of the pharmaceutical salesperson. In an article published on eyeforpharma.com, Andrew Tolve stated that reps are able to explain the features of more medicines in less time. He states that using iPads, a salesperson is able to represent seven to eight drugs in 2 to 4 minutes to a physician. Prior to the advent of mobile eLearning, a salesperson could only represent two to three products in 7 to 10 minutes.

Thus, we see that eLearning helps provide training better to the sales staffers of pharmaceutical companies. What do you think?

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