Why Invest in E-learning for Training Retail Employees

Why Invest in E-learning for Training Retail Employees

The question also revolves in my mind as to why we should invest in e-Learning for developing retail courses. What do you think the probable answer is? If you want to enhance productivity, sales, profits, motivation and the skills of your stores personnel, then the answer would definitely be “YES”.

In a country like India, retail industry is one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries and accounts for 10% of country’s GDP. (Source: http://www.ibef.org/industry/retail-india.aspx) So, to keep pace with the increase in competition and to widen the customer base, it is important to train your “retail employees”, as they are the people who deal directly with the customer.

5 reasons why eLearning is the best possible option:

  1. Time can be saved: Retail employees are the most dynamic workforce and a major share of their time is consumed in the shop-floor. Thus, they hardly have time to attend class-room training sessions to learn new stuff. Even if they have to attend, it will become a burden to their busy schedule which would add woes to learning. 
  2. Leverage of cost factor: After the 2008 recession, spending on training is a thing which requires double cross checking. Is it beneficial to the organization? Will it help increase the ROI? If the top brass of an organization feels that training gives a positive answer to all these aforementioned questions, then it becomes a viable option. If you think from the perspective of saving dollars and increasing the ROI, then e-learning is the best option available. Here, you don’t have to pay the trainer and need not worry about logistical problems.
  3. Self-paced and byte size learning: Every employee learns at a different pace. And, you cannot force an adult learner to learn in a way he is not comfortable with. It aggravates their learning rather than teaching them something new. Another benefit of e-learning is its chunked learning (15-20 minutes), which is very effective for shop floor personnel to digest, when compared to a day long classroom training session.
  4. Accessibility – 24/7 learning: Do you think you can “arrange” all your learners at one place at the same time? You can, but it is a bit cumbersome. To evade this, with eLearning, they can access from anywhere anytime. Like a classroom session, eLearning is not a one-time event. It is available all the time.

 Increased ROI: With eLearning, employees are happy and productive enough to boost the organization’s profits. They are in a much better position to deal with the customer, thus improving sales.

Hope these reasons are sufficient enough to instill courage for retail executive to implement eLearning as the next possible training solution for its employees. There is no way you can ignore this opportunity and you can increase your sales of 10%, 15%, or more with eLearning!!!

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