E-Learning for Various Training Needs in the Manufacturing Industry

E-Learning for Various Training Needs in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry is where the physical, chemical or mechanical transformation of material takes place, to produce a new product or a component to build a new product. Emerging technologies have geared up the manufacturing industry. With its expansion, it is generating more employment and real earnings for nations. In such favored position, training and development is of utmost importance.

E-Learning is most preferred option of many training managers because companies need to INVEST ONLY ONCE and the courses can be accessed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Types of Trainings in the Manufacturing Industry and How E-Learning can Help You

There are different types of trainings imparted by companies in the manufacturing sector. Listed here are a few along with examples of how eLearning can help deliver effective training and give good ROI.

1. Compliance Training

We must understand that compliance training is the key to the success of any industry, and every employee needs to get trained on how to comply. It includes training on Code of Conduct, Anti-bribery Policies, Information Security, etc. Compliance is effective when the management takes appropriate steps to create awareness among the employees. Through eLearning, you can develop compliance training courses and assign them to all employees who are new or experienced (to provide refresher training). Such training courses, once developed, will serve through years and if required you can also edit them as per updates.

Example: A screen shot from one of our Information Security courses

Compliance Training

2. Safety Training

Manufacturing industry often involves employees working in critical environments with hazardous materials. Health and safety training becomes most effective when it is integrated into the actual job practices that employees follow. They should know the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and what happens if they don’t follow the SOPs. The training should also teach them how to respond in emergencies – to protect themselves and others. E-Learning can help you create videos or small courses to show each environment, what the safety guidelines are, what may happen if an employee ignores them and what needs to be done in an emergency.

Example: A screen shot from a course on Electrical Safety

Safety Training

3. Process Training

In order to work effectively, employees should be trained on the process, its stages and the steps in each stage. They must have a clear BIG picture and learn what their role is, so that they know how their role impacts the process/ other roles, and this way they give their best. E-Learning can deliver effective process trainings, wherein you show the entire process and them narrow down and explain one step after the other. Employees not only understand what their role and responsibilities are, but also understand how the complete process works. Better knowledge gives better results!

Example: Here is a screen shot of how we can explain the role of each member in a team at a workshop.

Process Training

4. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP regulations require manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical products to produce the products according to prescribed quality standards. They stipulate that the manufacturers minimize/ eliminate the risk of contamination or defects in the products. GMP regulations cover all aspects like production, hygienic premises and equipment, etc. Violation of a GMP regulation can result in serious consequences such as recall of batches of products, company seizure, fines and even imprisonment. E-Learning helps you implement GMP regulations throughout the company. You can train your employees effectively to prevent violation of GMP regulations. as After all, prevention is better than cure!

Example: A screen shot of GMP slide from one of our courses

Good Manufacturing Practice

Training in any sector is not a one-time event, and it must be repeated for all new employees. E-learning is the best option as it is a one-time investment and online courses can be repeated as many times as we want for any number of employees. E-Learning is convenient to employees, when compared to the traditional classroom trainings.

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