E-learning Solution for Training the Hazmat Employees

E-Learning Solution for Training the Hazmat Employees

Heard about Hazmat employees? Well, let me tell you who a Hazmat employee is.

A Hazmat employee is the one who is involved in the transportation of hazardous materials by all the means of transportation such as by air, water or surface. The Hazmat employee is also responsible for packaging, labeling and marking the hazardous materials.

These employees are exposed to some obvious hazards every day and hence are required to be trained on various hazmat procedures.

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), officially formed on April 28, 1971, is a federal Agency that assures safe working conditions for the Hazmat Employees by setting some standards and enforcements and providing proper training and assistance in handling the hazardous materials.

All the Hazmat employees must abide by the rules and regulations set by OSHA and are required to complete the training within a span of 90 days. The training is very essential as it helps Hazmat employees shield themselves from the harmful effects of the hazardous materials. It also enables the employees to properly differentiate and handle the hazardous materials during transportation.

Now let us see how well can fit eLearning into this training?

One of the best solutions of training Hazmat employees is through eLearning as eLearning can greatly complement the training needs of these employees. E-learning significantly helps in training these employees as the training has a global reach and can be taken anytime.

The Hazmat training involves various safety measures to be taken while handling hazardous materials at the workplace. It also requires the employees to be aware of the labels and markings to be placed on various hazardous materials during transportation. Above all, the training need emphasizes the safety measures to be taken during fire accidents.

Instructional strategies for effective training:

From an Instructional Designer’s perspectives, here are a few things that should be followed while developing an eLearning course:

Effective use of scenarios: Using scenarios is the best way to proceed with developing an effective eLearning course as scenarios help involve in the course. They help the learners avail the information or knowledge relevant to the situation they face or skills they apply in their job. Training a Hazmat employee through eLearning could be challenging, but this could be accomplished using various scenarios. This can be done by using effective images and characters in the course in order to demonstrate on how to handle the hazardous materials and differentiate and label the materials during transportation.

Use of videos to enhance learning: One of the major areas of Hazmat training involves training the employees to be able to respond to fire accidents occurring at the workplace. There is no other efficient way of training the employees on fire accidents than to have videos embedded in the course. With videos, it is possible to make the situation look real. Effective animations can be used to simulate various precautions to be taken during the accident and administer the first aid for minor and major injuries.

Effective use of interactivities: Various interactivities such as slide shows, click on tabs, click on images could be used in the course to keep the learners or employees engaged and attentive throughout. This could be a better option than having a training using a simple PowerPoint presentation or a whiteboard.

 Thus eLearning can be effective for training Hazmat employees. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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