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Best Practices for Adopting eLearning for Training

Written By Bhanupriya Samudrala

Best Practices for Adopting eLearning for Training

Here are a few best practices that will help take the pain out of planning and implementing eLearning.

  • Plan, plan – and once you are done, plan some more.
  • Do thorough research on all pieces of the eLearning solution before finalizing on requirements.
  • Involve the IT department in every stage of your purchasing decisions.
  • Get an early sign off on all requirements from stakeholders.
  • When planning for converting existing ILT resources to eLearning courses, have a sound course development process in place.
  • In case of custom content development, do your research before finalizing on vendors.
  • Have good communication and project management in place.
  • Plan for a high-impact, high-visibility prototype and test it with a selected audience.
  • And finally,to ease the transition to eLearning, introduce eLearning in a classroom situation first.

I have shared a few practices among many. Please do share your insights.

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