Make Your Sales Team Smarter With E-learning: 4 Tips

Make Your Sales Team Smarter With E-learning: 4 Tips

There are some variances between a good sales person and a great sales person. Every good sales person has a dream of moving from good to great. But how?

Let’s see the basic difference between the two:

Any good sales person has the ability to present the product or service in a nice descriptive way. He has the convincing power and can handle any query in a professional way and finally, close the deal.

We know that every sales person must have these qualities, but who is a great salesperson? Let me explain, instead of a talkative one, a great salesperson first listens to the requirements of the prospect rather than just unwisely talking and assuming.

As a sales lead, sales manager or a training manager, how effective you are in this role totally depends on you and how effectively you have used training. Training gives you the required inputs to not only advance and enhance your usual expertise, but also present new concepts and ideas.

E-learning in sales training:

In order to convince the prospect, answer their questions, and improve their self-confidence, your sales staff need to know all about the products or services, its features, benefits, USP, and so on. Every product or service has some unique feature, which must be taught to the staff in order to make sales easy.

Knowledge on all these features and benefits of the products or services help sales personnel to understand the problems encountered by the prospects and offer them the right solution. To gather the required knowledge, salespersons need to attend training sessions.

Every sales person needs to travel daily because of which they hardly get time for classroom training. It’s indeed a challenge for the sales managers and the training managers to teach about a new product. Sometimes there might be some small but critical updates to a product or service, which needs to be communicated to the salespersons.

E-learning can help in this regard. The main benefit of e-learning is that it enables your sales team to take the product training at their convenience anytime, anywhere. Because the courses are compatible with multiple devices, it becomes easy for them to learn even while they are on the move.

Being the manager, you would need to keep an eye on the learning progress of your team, and it’s quite easy for you to do this through Learning Management System.

How I’ll make my sales team smarter with e-learning :

To make the most of your online sales training, I would like to suggest some tips which I think will help in building a smarter sales team:

1. Bite size learning: 

Bite-sized learning means that small modules from a large curriculum, which can be in any format, are formally structured with clear learning outcomes; these small modules are easily manageable. Instead of delivering all the information in one go, it’s easy to remember concepts if they are presented in small modules. Bite-sized learning improves psychological engagement. Salespersons can quickly refresh their knowledge before meeting a prospect. It’s also easy for them to access information through their mobile devices even if there are some connectivity issues. It does just keep their training in their pockets. It is not smart!

2. Real-time scenarios: 

Sales people operate in a dynamic business environment. They deal with new people every day and with different scenarios. Including real-time scenarios helps them to understand the concept better and makes them feel comfortable while dealing with live situations. Make them smart than your competitors!

3. Animations and Videos: 

Including of animation and video of the product has a psychological impact on the sales people. Generally, the impact of a video or animations is long lasting in the minds when compared to the impact that text can create. This impact can be rightly used while demonstrating a product or explaining about a service to the customers. Smart thinking!

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4. Rewards 

It’s common that human beings want to get rewarded. Reward those who have successfully completed the training. The reward can be a certificate for the course from the Learning Management System with their name Printed on this, which motivate them to a great extent.

These are a few tips to make your sales team smarter using online learning. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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