Product Training through E-learning: Faster, Better, Refresher

Product Training through E-learning: Faster, Better, Refresher

Product Training through E-learning: Faster, Better, Refresher

Most of the organizations even today conduct classroom sessions as part of product training in order to train their sales staff and it remains to be the most trusted format. But such sessions will help only a limited number of salesforce, who take out their time and assemble at the training venue to get trained. Such sessions are generally single instances for which organizations spend a lot on the trainer, projectors, etc. If sales people attend classroom training, then they loose their valuable time intended for selling which is their primary job. Also, if a new product is launched, how do you train them quickly and refresh their knowledge?

In comparison, e-learning stands out to be more effective, as it can be designed for many people especially for multinational companies who have their presence in different countries. It gives massive results to the organizations in terms of reducing costs and improving employee performance. Let’s not forget another additional advantage of e-learning that is, the content can be easily updated at a later stage and costs much less than classroom sessions. For this, the organizations must move towards e-learning from the traditional training methods. When developing training materials for sales and product training programs, start with preparing the content and ensure that it is developed in the best authoring tools that can help you program and reorganize the complete process of training faster, better, and in less cost.

According to a report released by IBM, companies who utilize e-learning have the potential to boost their employee productivity up to 50%. For every $1 spent on e-learning, it’s estimated that they can receive $30 worth of productivity. Use e-learning for product training as it typically consists of product portfolio, features and benefits, unique selling tips, competitor comparisons, and cross-selling options. This information should not be longer than 2-3 mins so that the sales personnel can review the information during down time or before visiting a client. A new research from Maureen Murphy at the University of North Texas (UNT) suggests that the shorter the duration, the more effective the courses will be.

Articulation Storyline: The Best Solution

Articulate Storyline is the ideal tool that works well for devices such as iPads because it publishes to HTML5 (an increasingly popular format for delivering content with rich interactivities). Using such tools to develop the e-learning allows managers stay on the cutting edge of technology. Product training is an ideal category to begin e-learning within your organization. The reason could be the target audience is always on the move and getting them to attend classroom trainings on a regular basis is not viable. Storyline has powerful in-built features and its interface resembles that of PowerPoint. The interactivities in Storyline are such that they make it easy for learners to navigate through them when using touch-based devices such as iPads.

Faster and Cheaper

As discussed earlier, you need to impart training quickly to your sales staff, which can be done e effectively through Articulate Storyline, because the course development time is very less as it has a huge collection of photographs and illustrated characters along with expressions and poses. We can use characters to present a product training scenario and real photographs to depict a sales manager or sales trainee, to make the course more familiar to learners. The real photographs depict real moments in life. Why is this good? Because people relate to what is real and react to it. According to Dr. Lynell Burmark an education consultant, words are processed by our short-term memory whereas images go directly into long-term memory. The use of characters in e-learning can improve the perception of the learners and as a result it will be worth the time to participate.


In order to train the sales staff, videos can be used for product demonstrations which can be easily developed with Storyline. We can also build any interactivities such as click and learn about the product and its features. It can be built easily with the slide layers, triggers, and states (normal, selected and visited). Learners can click, hover over, or drag any object to trigger any action. With just a few clicks, you’ll have an engaging interaction. Not only clicking interactions, simulations can also be developed easily which helps promote learner engagement. Storyline also has many in-built assessment templates which can be used to see if learners can apply what they’ve learned.


As sales staff are always on the move, and you need them to refresh their knowledge, how do you do this? You can do this by opting for Articulate Storyline, where courses can be published into multiple formats providing choice to learners to access courses through their iPads, laptops, or desktops. People who learn in their native language, learn faster, and retain the information better than people who learn in a non-native language. Storyline also helps in the easy translation of courses for learners across the globe. You can also make your content even more accessible by using Storyline 2’s Section 508 custom tab order feature, and skippable player navigation.


E-learning stands out to be more effective for people working in multinational companies and Articulate Storyline is the ideal tool to develop product training courses easily and rapidly and maximizes business productivity through cost effective solutions.

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