E-learning For Effective Problem Based Learning

E-learning For Effective Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a collaborative learner-centered approach that aims to deliver effective training through the experience of problem solving.

PBL is very efficient in providing the needed knowledge and skills to the workforce. PBL typically comprises of 5 phases that facilitate learners to find the right solution to their problems. The 5 phases are as follows:

1. Understand the problem

2. Exchange ideas and plan strategies of resolution

3. Find the solution

4. Test the solution and implement it

5. Improvise

What is the best format to deliver highly effective PBL? – THE answer is eLearning. Let me share more about how online courses are the right format to impart PBL. E-courses help learners to perform the following:

Effectively present the problem

Effective presentation of the context in which the problem occurs helps learners to understand the problem better. Learners who understand the problem better can solve it better.

E-learning modules containing videos and animations are very useful in efficiently explaining the circumstances leading to the problem. Videos help retain the attention of learners and personalize the explanation. Avatars could be used to introduce the problem and explain its context in a captivating manner.

Brainstorm and develop strategies for exploring the solution

Once the problem has been understood thoroughly, it is time to exchange ideas to evolve a strategy to find the right solution to the problem. eLearning facilitates efficient transfer of ideas and experiences between members of an online collaborative learning community.

The power of social learning could be unleashed through online courses. Social media help learners to interact with each other and share their thoughts and views on the problem. This facilitates the online collaborative learning community to zero in on an action plan to solve the problem.

Find an effective resolution to the problem

After finalizing the strategy to find the solution, it is time to explore to find the best fix that helps resolve the problem in an efficient manner. Online courses help learners to collaborate with each other in their search for the right solution.

E-learning facilitates efficient use of the Internet – the treasure trove of information. Corporate trainers could guide the learners towards the right sources of information that can provide the right solution.

Assess the suitability of the solution and implement it

Often, a number of solutions are available on the Internet that could resolve the problem. It is important to evaluate each of these to identify the best answer to the problem.

Simulations could be efficiently integrated into e-courses that facilitate learners to test the suitability of each resolution. These simulations help evaluate each solution and choose the right fix to the problem.

Improvise upon the solution

Constant innovation is the mantra to success. Organizations need to improvise continuously to survive in a fiercely competitive business environment.

E-learning facilitates implementation of new business processes efficiently. Employees could use simulations to try and test new procedures without the risk of incurring any loss to the organization. This goes a long way in putting novel ideas into practice.

Thus, eLearning could be used to deliver PBL effectively and it helps organizations create a skilled workforce adept in efficiently resolving problems.

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