How eLearning Transforms Your Pharma Sales Reps Into Agile Sellers

How eLearning Transforms Your Pharma Sales Reps Into Agile Sellers

How eLearning Transforms Your Pharma Sales Reps Into Agile Sellers

Are your reps agile sellers? Agile selling is to absorb new information and acquire new skills swiftly so that better business outcomes can be churned out faster.In case, they are not, you are in trouble. Since age-old product selling is passé, your reps need to keep pace with the changing pharma landscape.

How Does E-learning Support Agile Selling?

Use Microlearning 1 for Sharing Quick Product Updates

As known to all, the pharma industry is one that sees a plethora of products land in its lifetime.Every new drug that takes birth promises to be better than its predecessors. Hence you are familiar with your reps’ struggle with product catalogs. Before they feel comfortable with a newly launched drug, its successor is ready to onboard the product list.In such a scenario, your pharma reps need to know faster and better than their peers. So, Microlearning proves to be effective to train them since quick updates on the latest Pharma product launches is facilitated by Microlearning. These bite-sized modules can be designed fast and updated quickly, which makes them the training manager’s hot favorite.

Use Scenarios for Hands-on Experience

It is common knowledge that the product-selling approach has moved on and given space to agile selling. The changed reimbursement models, changing buyer profiles, and the digitized approach that demands an intelligent dialogue with HCPs, have altogether raised the bar for your pharma reps. Just meeting the HCPs and introducing new drugs will take your reps nowhere. Hence, they should be trained to be agile in their selling approach.Learning through scenarios has a positive impact on the pharma reps’ cognition as scenarios permit role-plays. Role-plays help reps gain hands-on experience as they enact the scenarios they are likely to face in the real world. A peer acting as a HCP puts the rep under the same situation he would undergo on the field. This practical way of learninghelps knowledge stick to them and they know how to handle such situations when they really face one.

Use Mobile Learning for JIT Learning

‘So many products to remember, so little time to learn’ is the most commonly uttered phrase by yourpharmasales reps.There is always a risk of knowledge overload to them. Due to the countless product launches that leave them dizzied, they crave for performance support that rescues them from the cognitive overload,just-in-time. And what better if they can get it on their iPads or Smartphones they love more than anything else in the world. The increased use of iPads by pharma reps has enhanced their access to HCPs, who also spend ample time with iPads. According to Gartner 2, it is predicted that 70% of professionals will do some work from their own, personal Smartphones or tablets by 2018. So they can effectively share the new product information to HCPs without getting stuck anywhere. Mobile learning also helps them overcome their knowledge gaps by offering just-in-time support.

Hope you nod in agreement when I say pharma selling has taken a U-turn. Unless your pharma sales reps adapt agile selling, they are bound to miss the boat that sails them throughthe land of opportunities.So, equip them with the training tools such as Microlearning, Mobile learning and Scenarios and watch them to go the agile mode of selling.

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