E-learning for New Hires

E-learning for New Hires

E-learning for New Hires

It is a well-known fact that organizations worldwide scout the campuses of educational institutions to recruit the best talent. But this ‘fresh’ workforce has little exposure to the real work environment and limited knowledge of business practices and regulations. This acts as an impediment in exploiting their full potential.

Many organizations conduct induction programs for these fresh graduates. Since recruitment is a continuous process, considerable sums of money are spent on these programs. However, they are not always very effective meeting their main objective, which is to familiarize the new recruit to the organization.

Computers have become indispensable to modern businesses. Many employers find that these employees lack adequate knowledge of desktop applications. This shortcoming hampers effective conversion of their knowledge into efficient performance.

Training helps resolve these problems and enables employees who had recently graduated to perform well and contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Several companies have made eLearning an integral component of their training strategies. Online programs provide affordable and effective solutions to the training needs of today’s businesses. They help to achieve the following tasks.

Communicate the objectives of the organization

It is necessary to get the fresh graduates acquainted with the organizational philosophy. Efficient communication of the organization’s mission helps to enhance employee productivity because it leads to better understanding of the organizational objectives. Induction programs could include short eLearning programs. These could include messages from the top management, which are useful to convey organization’s vision in an impressive and cost-effective manner.

Bridge the gap between academic and job worlds

Real work situations often tend to be very different from the lessons learned in the classrooms of colleges and universities. Training facilitates the metamorphosis of knowledge gained in these educational institutions into job-ready skills, by helping these employees put the theories learnt into practice. eLearning complements the ILT programs in closing the gap between the academic and the work environments.

Online programs offer fresh graduates the convenience of anytime, anywhere learning. They help acquire necessary job skills without sacrificing precious working hours. Byte-sized eLearning modules are very useful to reinforce the concepts learnt in workshops.

Provide compliance training

Non-adherence to applicable statutes at times may prove very costly to organizations. It is therefore essential to train new graduates on various laws and regulations governing the company’s business. The number of multinational companies is on the rise and so are their compliance training needs. Many organizations have encountered logistical and temporal difficulties in conducting and managing training programs on a global scale. eLearning has emerged as an ideal alternative because it offers flexible and cost-effective solutions to this problem.

Increase desktop application productivity

eLearning is an effective aid in training fresh graduates on various desktop applications. Online programs containing simulations help gain expertise over the usage of MS-OFFICE suite of products. These enable the new graduates to watch, try and repeat the steps involved in the operation of these applications. Mastery over the usage of office automation tools paves the way for enhanced organizational productivity.

How did you harness eLearning to make your personnel job-ready? Please share your experiences in the comments box below.

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